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Ditch Pie Perfection for the Holidays

Dear Kitchen Therapist,

Someone sent me an apple pie!  It arrived on my doorstep at 9 p.m. the night before Thanksgiving.  I was thrilled until I read the directions.  They said it was best to serve the pie at room temperature the day it arrived.  But it was too late to eat the pie that night.  Besides, most of the pie eaters were coming the next day—Thanksgiving.  I finally decided to serve the pie warm on Thanksgiving, but was a wreck throughout the entire dessert experience.  Why can’t pie directions be more flexible?  



*   *   *

Dear Flustered,

If you will excuse my saying so, perhaps it is you who needs to loosen up.  An apple pie, however served, is better than no apple pie at all.  If anyone ever sends you a pie again, try not to worry so much.  Just allow yourself and your guests to enjoy a very thoughtful holiday gift.