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Can't Remember Dinner Dates?

Dear Kitchen Therapist,

I seem to have this problem of consistently arriving at others’ dinner engagements on the wrong night. It’s extremely embarrassing and a waste of my time getting there and home again. I also end up eating my hostess gift by myself—usually a box of chocolates, which is not doing wonders for my waistline. I don’t know why people can’t be more predictable. Should I mention to them that they might extend invitations to me on a more regular basis?

A. Wreck

Dear A. Wreck,

First of all, it’s clearly not your problem. Instead of fretting, you should pat yourself on the back for continuing to receive dinner invitations. There must be something remarkable about you that lurks beneath the surface. It also might help to remember that we all get caught up in our routines (including those who ask you to dinner) and overlook the obvious.

I wouldn’t recommend urging others to invite you on a more regular basis. (Perhaps you have heard the phrase—“Don’t press your luck”?) You might suggest to them, however, that everyone might profit by a reminder a few days before the event. At the very least, consider bringing a different type of gift, such as a bouquet of flowers or bottle of wine.

Good luck!