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So You're Jinxed?

Dear Kitchen Therapist,

I’m reeling from a streak of bad luck with kitchen appliances.  First my stove short-circuited because mice chewed the wires.  Then my toaster oven dangerously overheated when its timer broke.  Now my garbage disposal is groaning and refusing to churn.  My refrigerator thermostat has never worked properly.  I’ve coped by storing sensitive produce, such as lettuce, in plastic containers in the refrigerator to prevent freezing.  My question is—given my string of bad luck—should I just break the rest of my refrigerator now and get the inevitable crash over with or wait for it to implode on its own?  


Jinxed with kitchen appliances 

* * *

Dear Jinxed,

I’m very sorry about your string of bad luck.  It’s frustrating when appliances break all at once, rather than peter out over time.  I’m not sure, however, that pre-empting the next breakdown by sabotaging your refrigerator is the wisest choice. 

First, it’s hard to be certain that your refrigerator will be the next appliance to crash.  Are you sure it’s not going to be the dishwasher, microwave or coffee maker, for example?  No point ruining what’s left of your refrigerator if you have a more pressing need.  Also—and I don’t mean to be offensive—but if you or your loved one bought that lemon of a refrigerator, who’s to say you won’t select a lemon replacement? 

A safer approach may be to focus first on fixing or replacing what already is broken.  It’s not clear where jinxes originate, but it’s probably not a good place  Your positive steps towards kitchen improvement may discourage the jinx and limit its room to maneuver.  I don’t wish anyone harm, but it’s also more than time for your jinx to move on.  

Good luck!