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Fight Deer With Dandelions

Dear Kitchen Therapist,

I love spring, but this year the deer munched the blossoms off my tulips, devoured my pansies and shredded my new hedge.  I thought my little poppy seedlings were safe, as deer don’t like poppies.  Then the deer squished the poppies with their hooves.  I’ve tried various sprays and growing deer resistant plants, but nothing works.  Do you have any kitchen therapy to help me survive the onslaught?  


Discouraged by Deer

* * *

Dear Discouraged,

Assuming the deer haven't devoured all of your dandelions, I might suggest making some dandelion wine.  But, it takes years to ferment and you probably don’t want to wait that long.  Another option might be to plant or buy some mint (which deer tend to avoid).  You then could prepare a refreshing mint beverage capped with dandelion flowers—please see the recipe, below.  Mint helps soothe and balance emotions.  And the dandelion flowers?  These cheerful yellow sunbursts can brighten even the most dejected of moods.   



2 cups water
2/3 cup fresh spearmint leaves
2 dandelion flowers

2 teaspoons honey, or to taste 

Bring water to a boil in a small pot and remove from heat.  Add mint leaves and let steep, covered, for 20-30 minutes.

Pour beverage through a sieve into another pot, gently pressing the mint leaves against the sides of the sieve with a spoon to extract the liquid.  Stir in honey and pour over ice into glasses.  Grace each glass with a dandelion flower.