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Welcome To An Unconventional Cookbook

Do you battle bubbling energies and emotions? Overflowing moods?

The Allmoods Cookbook is a two-volume set of culinary humor books to help you gauge and manage your moods with fun and food. You don’t even have to feel like cooking. Uplift your spirits with quizzes, exercises and insights—as well as recipes— into a happier space.

More of a culinary toolkit than a conventional cookbook, The Allmoods Cookbook embraces the emotional opportunities in everyday interactions with food, drink or the kitchen.

Sample the Possibilities

Befriend A Dragon

Volume I

Indulge your funny side with this award-winning cookbook. Guaranteed to have you chuckling while you cook, eat or relax.

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Volume II

The latest sequel to the first Allmoods Cookbook. New recipes, tools and tactics for tackling eight additional moods.

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